Bellis Fair Winter Play

The winter session at Bellis Fair is complete.

A message from the Bellis Fair Coordinator

Hi All,

Through the last 5 months at Bellis Fair it has been a privilege to work and play with our group at the mall. I already miss it.

I just wanted to let you know that next year, if we have the facility, those of you who were members this year will have first choice to sign up next year. I have had many who said they would jump in if we did it again. That would be awesome, but we can only have so many members in that space.

A good number of us will be playing at Cornwall Memorial Park now that Bellis Fair is closed. So if you are looking for your friends, come on down. BPC has hosts at Cornwall to facilitate play M-F 9-noon, sometimes on Saturdays and Mon, Wed, and Thursday eves 5-7:30

See you outside on the courts!

Laura Sanderson, 6/1/2024