Special Events


The BPC Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm via zoom.  Members are welcome to attend these meetings, but cannot vote on matters presented.  To receive the zoom code for the Board Meetings contact us.

BPC-sponsored outdoor events are cancelled if it is raining or the courts are wet.

You can also contact us with questions or to volunteer.

Free Events for Bellingham Pickleball Club Members

Flex Ladder League: Register Here

How it works: You sign-up and, based on your level of play, you are matched each week in a bracket with three other players of a similar level. The four of you need to find a location and a time between Monday morning and Sunday afternoon to play three games to 15, win by 2 (it usually takes about an hour). After you play the games, you report your scores (with another Google form like this) and, based on your of wins and points scored, you will either move up or down on the ladder, or stay where you are. New brackets are posted each Sunday night/Monday early morning. This is a 10 week flex-ladder league. “Flex” means that if you need to miss a week, it’s okay, but it works best when all players play most matches.