Fall Flex-Ladder League 2022


  • Eight weeks of ladder league play for BPC members “self-rated” at level 2.0 and above.
  • Individual register (not doubles).
    Player match-ups will be posted on shared google document weekly.
  • Each week, players decide when and where they play. Three games to 15 need to be reported. It’s up to the four of you whether you play warm-up games or games afterward.
  • Participant game scores should be submitted by Sunday at NOON. New standings and match-ups are updated weekly and posted on-line Sundays by 11 pm.
  • You are responsible for giving advance notice if you aren’t available so that the ladder league coordinator can arrange for you to skip that week with a “bye”. You are responsible for finding a substitute otherwise. Avoid no-shows as they are sad for everyone and can mess up the ladder.
    Check the FAQ sheet on the next page for more details.

Have Questions? Need more info?
Contact the League Coordinator, John Hatten,
via email at pickleballladder@kulshan.net or text 360-671-7012.


Sign-up at https://forms.gle/f9JA4KvZ2gmRCX6o9
(registration continues throughout the eight weeks)

See the Skill-Level Scale if you are unsure of your level.
Become a BPC member here. Good through June 2023.

Contact info for Ladder League Coordinator, John Hatten:
Email: pickleballladder@kulshan.net
Text: 360-671-7012

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
BPC members who are “self-rated” at level 2.0 and above. (Become a BPC member here.) For more info on skill levels and pickleball self ratings, see here and here. If you have been given a rating, you can use it when registering.

How do I sign-up and when is the deadline to sign-up?
You sign up as an individual at https://forms.gle/f9JA4KvZ2gmRCX6o9. Registration is ongoing. Once registered, you will be scheduled for a match the following week. 

Will everything go smoothly and perfectly during this ladder league?
The goals of the flex-ladder league are to promote community, skill development, and fun with pickleball. But given that we are all human, despite the best intentions, problems may occur. In order to best support the goals of the pickleball league, we all need to be patient and understanding with each other and address problems proactively and constructively. If that doesn’t describe you, consider other pickleball activities.

How and when are games played?
You will be matched-up each week with three other players. It is the responsibility of those four to connect to choose a time & location that works for everyone during that week. You’ll play three games to 15 points (win by two), so that each person plays with and against each other in all possible combinations.

Select one person from the group to report the game score outcomes for all players by  NOON on Sunday via a shared Google form. This can be done by mobile device at the time of the match, or at another time prior to the deadline. For the league to work, it is essential that reporting be done prior to the deadline. The weekly matched groups can decide if they want to play more games in addition to the three required league games to 15. The league goes 8 weeks with an opportunity for 8 total matches, from September 12 to November 6.

How are the weekly player matches determined?
The ladder league coordinator will set up the first week’s match based on participant self-ratings. You will be matched with players at or near your reported skill-level, though of course that won’t be perfect. After that, weekly point outcomes for each player determine whether players go up or down in the ladder ranking. The following week’s match-ups are based on the new rankings. Each week the results will be posted and new player matches assigned by Sundays at 11pm, which will be shared with participants via an online link. You then have until the following Sunday at NOON to play your games and report the scores.

What if I I’m not available and would miss a weekly match-up?
When you register for the ladder league, you can mark out weeks that you won’t be around. If you need to miss a week, and you know before the end of the previous week, let the ladder league coordinator know at pickleballladder@kulshan.net, and you can have a “bye” for that week. If you need to cancel after the new schedule is posted online, it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute with a similar skill-level to play in your place, AND to inform the other players of the sub’s name and contact info so that the games can still take place. A substitute can be chosen from the league member list, but anyone of similar skill-level can sub for you. No-shows are no fun and will mess up the ladder for everyone, so please avoid them.

What if enough players near my skill-level don’t sign up?
This is unlikely, but if it happens, you will contacted by the ladder league coordinator before the first matches are posted.