How to Enroll in a Session

Skill Development Sessions are offered by the Bellingham Pickleball Club and are all hosted by volunteer club members. Please understand that the space is limited, and demand is high. Session sizes are determined by number of courts available and the number of people a host chooses to admit. 

All sessions are managed via invitations through the app Spond.



How to enroll in a skill development session?

Step 1:   Download the app Spond to your phone or computer, and then create your account with a unique email address. 

Step 2:   Contact BPC via email to let us know which session you are interested using the email address registered for your Spond account. 

Step 3:   Accept the invitation on Spond from the BPC Group host; then you are on the invitation list for this session. 

Step 4:   Respond to the weekly event invitation on Spond to secure your spot each week for the session.


Important information: 

  • Placement in a particular group is provisionally based on you. The hosts and the group will decide if the placement is a good fit, particularly regarding skill level.
  • Please be responsible for your sign-ups. Be on time for the session, or decline your attendance ASAP when you know that you cannot make it, so players on the waiting list can have the chance to move in. 
  • Please remember to only sign up for ONE session each week to allow others to participate. You will be removed from some sessions if you signed up to attend more than one skill session in one week. If there still is room the day before the session, you may sign up for your second session.
  • If you are on the waiting list, please check Spond to see if you are offered a spot. If so, please accept or decline ASAP to keep the waiting list flowing. If you do not accept a spot within 24 hours, you will be removed to allow the next person to be invited.
  • Please refer to the BPC Skill Rating Self-Assessment Sheet for guidance and self-rating. Consistency is a major factor in determining skill level.  
  • We need volunteers to teach or peer-lead skill development sessions. You are welcome to contact us at: to offer assistance.