Local Connections

Bellingham WA Pickleball Facebook Group
A group created to help connect pickleball players of all levels in the Bellingham area.

Bellingham Pickleball Club Facebook Page
This BPC Facebook page’s purpose is to post TO the “Bellingham WA Pickleball” group, (and to the BPC website).
If you “follow” the BPC Facebook page, you will receive the BPC updates when posted.

The BPC Facebook page is meant to supplement the Bellingham WA Pickleball Facebook group, not to duplicate it or compete with it.

BPC Pickleball Sessions or Events

To attend some of our BPC hosted pickleball sessions, you must RSVP.

If you wish to start receiving invitations to sessions listed below, you will need to let the host know that by text or email.  Include your name and contact info.


Fairhaven Middle School Gym, Bellingham

There are two halves of the gym, each with three lined badminton courts (which means we only need to tape the kitchen lines).  Because volunteer BPC hosts have stepped up, we will have been able to get ½ gym reserved on Tuesday evenings and the whole gym reserved on Thursday evenings.  These will be for designated levels in correlation to the choice of the hosts who are volunteering. 

Courts: 3-6 indoor badminton courts

Cost: Likely $3-8 (sliding scale).
Must be or become a BPC member due to liability requirements.


2.0 – 3.0 Tuesday @ 6pm; East gym with Darcy and Margen
Contact: Darcy @ riggins_schmidt@me.com or 360-224-4049
Join us for fun as we continue to learn to control shots and develop game strategy. We’ll learn skill-sharpening drills and exercises prior to lots of time for playing games. At some sessions we’ll also incorporate 4D drill-skill assessments as time & helpers permit. (Deep Serve, Deep Return, Dropshots, & Dinks).

3.25 – 3.5 @ Thursday @ 6pm; West gym with Kim Hei
Contact: Kim @ klphei101@hotmail.com or 651-900-4543
Our objective is to have fun with particular focus on ball control and improving skills .After starting with skills then games, we may break half way through for a few skill-reinforcing rounds such as dink-only or 3rd shot drop games.

3.75 – 4.5 Tuesday @ 6pm; West gym with Carsten Kroon
Contact Carsten @ ckroon@gmail.com or 360-746-1298
The sessions will start with drills, and progress to a Shoot-out Ladder format, followed by open play.

If you have general questions, you can contact Barbara @ bagoebel@gmail.com .

Lowell Elementary School Gym, Bellingham

Courts: 2 indoor courts that need to be taped/ untaped each week by participants. Limit is 12 players each week.
Cost: $3-8 (sliding scale). Must be a BPC member due to liability requirements.
More Info:

3.0 – 3.5; Tuesday 6pm-9pm.
The sessions will start with drills, and progress to game play.
Hosts are Erica & Amy.
Contact ericakulm1@gmail.com for a “Spond” invitation.

NOTE: Session invitations may already be closed due to high demand.

Meridian High School Gym (Some Saturday afternoons)

We also will hold some weekend pickleball sessions at Meridian High School gym with specific focus for various levels on different days.  More info to come.