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Phase 2 Court Options and Guidelines

12/14/20 Update: In keeping with the Governor’s mandate, people are expected to wear masks during outdoor sports activities. Therefore, they will be required at any BPC-sponsored sessions.

Most courts have special requirements that must be followed during Phase 2.  Please be supportive by adhering to these modified protocols during this time period.  Thank you.

Reference: USAPA: COVID-19 GUIDANCE ON SAFE RETURN TO PLAY; https://www.usapa.org/…/05/COVID-19-RETURN-TO-PLAY_USAPA.pdf


(Subject to change without notice)

All guidelines were set in collaboration between BPC & Bellingham Parks and Rec Dep’t.


  • Play should be pre-arranged to meet up in a small group of 2-5 people.
    5 people is the limit for recreating or gathering.
    Please avoid mixing players between groups or playing in multiple groups during a visit to the courts.
  • Singles (including “skinny singles”) and doubles have equal court priority.
    Singles is a safer choice than doubles, unless partner is a household member.
    Skinny Singles: https://youtu.be/NFMLlzQt2TY
    Regular Singles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1ZL9tdP87k
  • There is no drop-in, congregating, or larger group play allowed at courts.
  • Maintain 6-foot distance with non-household members and/or wear a face covering.
  • While others are waiting for a court, play is limited up to one hour.
    Please be considerate.
  • One waiting group at a time per court.
    The group, or representative, waits outside that specific court.
  • Stagger sessions from dawn to dusk to minimize wait times & congestion.
  • Please assess your own health, safety, & risk factors, and take care of yourself.
  • All relevant local and state guidelines apply.


Fairhaven Park has lines for use with tennis nets, and/or for two portable nets.

Padden & Elizabeth Parks have tennis courts with painted lines to use tennis nets.

Birchwood Park on Cedarwood has a basketball court with lines for two portable nets.

Cornwall Park Tennis/ Pickleball “Multi-use” Courts::
There are two tennis courts which are striped for 4 pickleball courts with portable nets, or 2 courts using the tennis nets.
All same guidelines apply.
NOTE: A limited number of nets are available for borrowing by BPC members for several weeks at a time.

CORNWALL PARK: 4 dedicated pball courts are open for play, with above guidelines.

THE TWO MIDDLE COURTS ARE CLOSED so players don’t walk though occupied courts, or need deal with errant balls on courts. This way each court of players is completely in charge of their own safety.
Each court should be entered and exited separately, including 2 back courts by using back gate.

THE TENNIS/ PICKLEBALL “MULTI-USE” COURTS @ Cornwall are open. There are 2 tennis courts or up to 4 pball courts if you bring a portable net. (Same guidelines apply.)


BBAC (Part of Birch Bay and Blaine Parks & Rec) currently has indoor and outdoor pickleball court times available by reservation only.

Courts: Two indoor courts (with minimal space between); two outdoor courts
Note: Indoor and outdoor courts by 1.5 hour reservations at this time.
For designated indoor weekly pickleball sessions during business hours, you may reserve one court for up to 5 people, or two courts for up to 10 people (See BBAC calendar.)
Reservations during non-business hours are for the entire facility; maximum of 10 people.
Cost: $3 per person for court reservations during business hours; $25 for facility rental.
No charge for outdoor court reservations.
Contact and Info:
Call 360-656-6416 for reservations. For questions, call or email info@bbbprd2.com     
Read all guidelines @ https://bbbparkandrec.org/pickleball/ 
See calendar @ https://bbbparkandrec.org/monthly-calendar/

LYNDEN CITY PARK has a pickleball court with permanent net and has remained open.

BENDER FIELD in Lynden now has 4 dedicated pickleball courts.

HILLCREST PARK in Mt Vernon has three dedicated courts open (of six total).  Players must come in groups of 2-5 and play with that group. There is no group or drop-in play. If players are waiting, play 2 games and rotate off courts.  Use safe distancing with other groups.

The BAC at Cordata has 1 indoor pickleball court for drop in play in their gym, as well as 3 outside courts.

Courts: 1 indoor court. 3 outdoor courts
Note: BAC is currently offering scheduled drop-in play.  Subject to change!
Cost: Membership or daily guest fee accompanying a BAC member.

The fitness center at the Semiahmoo currently has two of four indoor pickleball courts available by reservation only for members.

Courts: Two indoor courts; outdoor court for portable net, which players must bring.

Cost: Membership (which involves a hefty initiation fee).

More Info:

Front Desk: 360-318-2009; Email: / Suzanne @ 

More Info: https://www.bellinghamathleticclub.com/programs/pickleball
(360) 676-1800

NOTE: If you’d like to join a list of players sharing contact information to make pickleball connections, visit https://bellinghampickleball.org/membership/ to renew or join and you can opt-in to the directory.

If you make the personal choice to play pickleball during this time, we highly recommend that you use excellent hygiene measures & physical distancing to minimize the potential spread from person to person. And of course, cover sneezes & coughs with your arm, avoid physical contact, and don’t come if you feel sick at all, have recently tested positive, or have been around people who have been sick or tested positive. During this time it is safer to play in small closed groups with agreed upon hygiene practices than in an open group. If you are in a high-risk health category, we recommend that you not play in open groups.

Bellingham WA Pickleball Facebook Group
A group created to help connect pickleball players of all levels in the Bellingham area.

Bellingham Pickleball Club Facebook Page
This BPC Facebook page’s purpose is to post TO the “Bellingham WA Pickleball” group, (and to the BPC website).
If you “follow” the BPC Facebook page, you will receive the BPC updates when posted.

The BPC Facebook page is meant to supplement the Bellingham WA Pickleball Facebook group, not to duplicate it or compete with it.

Fairhaven Middle School Gym, Bellingham

There are two halves of the gym, each with three lined badminton courts (which means we only need to tape the kitchen lines).  Because volunteer BPC hosts have stepped up, we have been able to reserve ½ gym or the entire gym for various available evenings. These are for designated levels in correlation to the choice of the hosts who are volunteering.

Courts: 3-6 indoor badminton courts

Cost: Likely $3-8 (sliding scale).
Must be or become a BPC member due to liability requirements.


2.0 – 3.0 Tuesday @ 6pm; East gym with Hosts Susan and Rick
NOTE: Session invitations are currently closed due to high demand.
Contact: Darcy @ riggins_schmidt@me.com or 360-224-4049
Join us for fun as we continue to learn to control shots and develop game strategy. We’ll learn skill-sharpening drills and exercises prior to lots of time for playing games. At some sessions we’ll also incorporate 4D drill-skill assessments as time & helpers permit. (Deep Serve, Deep Return, Dropshots, & Dinks).

3.25 – 3.5 @ Thursday @ 6pm; West gym with Kim Hei
NOTE: Session invitations are currently closed due to high demand.
Contact: Kim @ klphei101@hotmail.com or 651-900-4543
Our objective is to have fun with particular focus on ball control and improving skills .After starting with skills then games, we may break half way through for a few skill-reinforcing rounds such as dink-only or 3rd shot drop games.

3.75 – 4.5 Tuesday @ 6pm; West gym with Carsten Kroon
Contact Carsten @ ckroon@gmail.com or 360-746-1298
The sessions will start with drills, and progress to a Shoot-out Ladder format, followed by open play.

If you have general questions, you can contact Barbara @ bagoebel@gmail.com.

Bellingham Covenant Church, Bellingham

1530 E. Bakerview, Bellingham 98226

Courts: 2 taped courts in church gym space. Limit is 12 players each session.
Cost: By donation.

More Info:

Beginners – low novice (under 2.5): Thursdays 2:30-4pm; Mondays 7:30-9pm.

2.0 through 2.5 (lower novice & upper novice) with an emphasis on drills for those who want coaching: Tuesdays 2:30-4pm

Sessions start with drills, and progress to game play.
Hosts: Ed G., & Dirk V., with support from Marv B., and Paula T.
Contact: bagoebel@gmail.com  for a “Spond” invitation.

Sehome High School Gym, Bellingham

Courts: Auxiliary gym 3 lined badminton courts, so that only minimal court taping is needed each session. Limit is 16 players each week.
Cost: $3-8 (sliding scale). Must be a BPC member due to liability requirements.
More Info:

3.0 – 3.5; Tuesday 6pm-9pm.
The sessions will start with drills, and progress to game play.
Hosts are Erica & Amy.
Contact ericakulm1@gmail.com for a “Spond” invitation.

NOTE: Session invitations may already be closed due to high demand.