Reminder to register for BPC Aug 14 tournament

We gave a 2-day lead for those who did not participate in the 4th of July tournament.  But now it is opening up to all, even those who did participate and we’re inviting the prior members.So find a partner and register soon.

Paddles Up!! Tournament- Round Robin Doubles Tournament
Sunday August 14th at Cornwall Park.  No Charge, member benefit

Fixed Doubles Team play, Sign up on Sign up Genius with your partner.
One team member signs up and puts the name and email of their partner in the COMMENTS box
2 subs for each level.  If you don’t have a partner yet, sign up as a sub and hopefully someone else will also.


Levels-(time constraints limited the brackets) 
8:00-9:30      2.5 Women’s Doubles
9:30-11:00    3.0 Women’s Doubles
11:00-12:30  3.5 Women’s Doubles
12:30-2:00    2.5 Men’s Doubles
2:00-3:30      3.0 Men’s Doubles
3:30-5:00      3.5 Men’s Doubles

12 teams for each level, broken into 2 groups of 6 teams each

Each group plays 5 games for the match to 11 points or 12 mins, whichever is first.
The team from each group with the most wins, plays for Gold and Silver, one game to 11 points or 12 mins
The team from each group with the next most wins, plays for Bronze.
Check in and warm up 30 mins prior to game time. Teams not checked in 15 mins before game time, MAY lose their spot

Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd from each level.
The multi-purpose courts are available for warm-up.
This is DUPR Rating event. If you sign up for your account at you can get rated to know how you compare with others in DUPR.
For more information, check it out at

We have enough volunteers.

Bellingham Pickleball Club