BPC Hosted Skill Development Offerings

Requires RSVP via the Spond app.  Open to all (no membership required) of that level. 

As space is limited, we ask that you sign up for only one session each week (week starts on Sunday).

Outdoor skill development sessions are offered by the Bellingham Pickleball Club but are open to the public. We  manage the number of people at each session via invitations through the free app Spond which must be downloaded to your phone or computer.  Class sizes are limited by number of courts available and the number of people a host chooses to admit. 

In order to attend a skill development session, you MUST contact BPC  here to let us know which session you are interested in attending. Once we receive your request for a placement in a particular skill development session,  we add your name to that Spond group for receiving invitations (or be put on a waiting list for a group IF that group is no longer accepting new members). Space is limited and demand is high. Placement in a particular group is provisional based on you, the hosts and the group deciding if the placement is a good fit, particularly in regard to skill level.  

If your skill level is later adjusted either by you or the host, you should contact BPC to be moved to the sessions for that new skill level.  At that time, you will also be  removed from your lower level sessions.

If you don’t know what skill level you are, please refer to the BPC Skill Rating Self-Assessment Sheet refer to the  Ratings and Tournaments for guidance. Consistency is a major factor in determining skill level.  

You can also write to us at bellinghampickle@gmail.com for questions or to offer assistance. We need volunteers to teach or peer-lead skill development sessions from beginners through advanced levels.