TrackitHub (TiH)

Learning new computer tools can be challenging, so BPC has gathered the information you’ll need to get started into one place.  Learn more about how to complete each task by clicking on the items hyperlink.

Please keep in mind that we are group of volunteers working together to bring you a better user experience. It will take time to adjust to the new system, but we are confident that you will be successful.  We’re all in this together. 

The BPC Refund Policy

  • The facility use fee must be paid upon registration and is non-refundable and non-transferable. No credit for future sessions will be issued.
  • If you make a mistake and double pay for an event, please allow 7 days for the refund to be processed. 
  • If an event is cancelled by the school, then refunds for that event will be provided. Please allow 7 days for the refund to be processed. 

Do these things First

Login to TrackitHub: Click here for detailed images

  • Find the login password in the email that TiH sent to you.
    • Login Credentials
    • Email: {Your Email Address}
    • Password: {TiH Generated Password}
  • Change your password.

Edit Profile Information: Click here for detailed images

  • In Settings you can update your contact information & pickleball skill level.
  • In Profile, you can update your privacy preferences.
  • See image below to learn how to access these two portals.

Explore  the TiH Dashboard.  

You should see 4 groups at the upper portion of your screen.

  1. Primary Club Group
  2. Your skill level Open Play group
  3. Your skill level Skill Clinics group
  4. Membership 

If you are not in the skill level groups that you want to be in, please follow the Request to join a BPC Group instructions found here

Do these things second:

Change skill level groups. Click here for detailed images

  • BPC Members must select ONE (1) skill level group for Open Play and Skill Development.  (new policy)
    1. Upon logging into your TrackitHub account, select “My Groups,” located in the left-hand menu.
    2. The My Groups bottom panel will appear. To begin, select the “Recommended” tab at the top of the bottom panel.
    3. Find the group you would like to join and select the plus (+) icon next to the group’s name.
      1. Select the two groups (1-skill clinics, 1-open play) that you want to join.
  • Now you need to leave the old skill level groups.
    1. On the left nav menu, select my groups.
      • My Groups panel appears.
    2. Select the minus (-) icon to leave the group.

Register for an event: Click here for detailed images

  • Your events calendar is located in the lower portion of your home page.
  • Click the day on the calendar of the event you want to attend.
  • Click on the event, which will be a small box to the right of the calendar.
  • Register.
  • Note: Event invitations are sent to your email 7 days prior to the event. 
  • If required, pay in advance the facility use fee. All facility fees are non-refundable.

FAQ.  Click on the title and it will take you to the detailed instructions that has helpful images. 

Lost your password? Click “Forgot Password” on the login page. 

Adjust your profile and privacy settings