About Us

What is the Bellingham Pickleball Club?

The Bellingham Pickleball Club is a not-for-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting the sport of pickleball in the greater Bellingham area.

At the BPC, we:

  • Partner with the Bellingham Parks Department to effectively utilized the six dedicated pickleball courts in Cornwall Memorial Park,
  • Host Level Open Play, skill development sessions and special events on evenings & weekends.
  • Partner with other organizations, agencies and community groups to expand and improve local pickleball facilities.
  • Manage donation drives to help cover some of the expense of adding additional facilities
  • When possible, host classes, clinics and open play at school gyms.
  • Utilize 4 portable nets for pickleball play on 2 multi-use courts at Cornwall Memorial Park.
  • Loan nets, paddles and balls to members for try-outs and special occasions.
  • Advocate for the sport of pickleball in our community.
  • Continue to improve the BPC website and our Facebook communication.
  • Collaborate with organizations, companies and agencies to promote the development of pickleball.
  • Clean up winter debris at Cornwall Memorial Park courts to help keep them in good condition.
  • Coordinate discounts for members with Pickleball Central, Players Pickleball, Armory Pickleball, Volli and other local venues.
  • Use surveys to better understand the member’s preferences, needs and desires.

Have a question or comment for the board? We want to hear from you.

PO Box 30271

Bellingham, WA   98228-2271

Thank you to our wonderful sponsor Players Pickleball, who is a delight to partner with.  We are thrilled that they are Bellingham-based, and helping to support pickleball locally.  Please join us in supporting them.  If you use this link, they will continue to share their profits with us, and give you a discount as well.

Thank you, Keith Turley, of Imagine Design Studio for building and hosting our website.  You are amazing to partner with!

Meet the Board of BPC

The BPC Board meets on the second MONDAY of each month at 6:30 PM via Zoom.  Members are welcome to attend these meetings, but cannot vote on matters presented.  To receive the Zoom code for the Board Meetings contact us.

Barbara Beer

I have been playing pickleball since June of 2021. Although I love learning a new skill, being outdoors, and exercising; it’s the warmth and generosity of the BPC members that I cherish.

The Bellingham Pickleball Club has grown from approximately 230 members in June 2021 to over 650 members today. As the BPC President, my goal is to help put in place policies, procedures, and systems to achieve the Club’s mission. As a growing volunteer organization, we have many challenges to overcome, including developing more opportunities to learn and play pickleball and meet more players, increasing the number of courts available (especially during the rainy season), and streamlining the administrative processes.  

I am confident that with the support of our members we can exceed our ambitious goals.

Eric Roeder

I’ve been playing pickleball for a few years now. I’m probably a 3.5 on a good day. I mainly play at Cornwall, but have also played at most of the other indoor and outdoor venues around Whatcom County and have also enjoyed some time at Claude Blackburn’s Pavilion in Mt. Vernon (something we need very badly in Whatcom County). Before I retired, I was an attorney for software/entertainment companies for over 25 years, serving as Blizzard Entertainment’s global general counsel for more than 10 of those years. 

Besides my passion for pickleball, I bring to the club significant business, legal and government affairs experience.  I’ve been helping the BPC Board out with some legal stuff lately and feel compelled to tell you that we have been very fortunate to have those individuals tirelessly working for all of our benefit. They make a big difference in our pickleball community. Thank you.

Jodi Mackey

My name is Jodi Mackey and I would like to serve as the Treasurer for Bellingham Pickleball Club. I have so much appreciation for BPC, that I wanted to serve this group with more than my membership dues. I am currently working with Terri Vosbeck, our current Treasurer, as an interim Treasurer to update our financial practices to Quickbooks.  As for my experience, I currently keep all of the financials for  my husband’s and my business, where I am responsible for updating daily balances, banking, accounts receivables and payables, and payroll.  I understand the importance of maintaining current and accurate financials so that our Board of Directors and Committees can continue to provide the benefits that we, as club members, enjoy.  As your Treasurer, I will work to continue the great work of our current Treasurer and keep our financials and our club successful with all that BPC is providing for members now and in the future.

 I started playing Pickleball in November 2022 by taking Jeff Kerr’s beginner’s class at Fairhaven Park.  In January 2023, I began participating in Open Play at Fairhaven Middle School and now play frequently (almost daily) at Open Play at Cornwall Park.  I appreciate Bellingham Pickleball Club’s involvement in making sure that we have courts to play on with other members throughout the year and, I appreciate all of the members that I have met and had the pleasure of playing with and learning from in this PB journey. “Paddles Up!” 

Molly Hammar

I began playing pickleball the summer of 2022. Riding bikes through Cornwall Park we would stop to watch the players, and someone would often ask if we wanted to join them,  and I finally did. I quickly appreciated the social aspect of the game and the many offerings of the club. Because of the enjoyment I have gotten from the game and people involved,  giving back is my way of saying thank you. 

I’m currently semi-retired after 40 years in the insurance industry and have been secretary of my homeowner’s association for 4 years.

 My goal is to continue enjoying the sport of pickleball and help the club where I can as it continues to grow.

John Bailey

I moved to Bellingham in 2021.  I grew up in Maryland but have been a WA state resident since 1980.  We love Bellingham’s beauty, culture and recreational opportunities. Prior to pickleball, I was active in sailboat racing all over Puget Sound, but decided age was catching up to me. I first played pickleball back in the late 80s when there was a court where I worked in Everett, WA.. Got engaged with it again a year ago and have been playing it consistently ever since.

My wife and daughter don’t play, but I’m hopeful for the future.  I have infected my son however with the game and he is a regular. I enjoy pickleball because it sparks my competitive fire and provides excellent exercise and an opportunity to meet others in the community who share their love of the game. While it’s pretty easy to get started playing, there is always ample opportunity for improvement, which keeps it interesting and fun.

I’ve truly enjoyed getting involved in BPC and meeting the wonderful people in the club and look at this as an opportunity to give back. Thanks for considering my candidacy.


Laura Sanderson

I am thrilled to have been introduced to pickleball on Mother’s Day 2022. As a true newbie, I appreciate that the BPC members I encountered were helpful and answered my many questions. There are a lot of new people, like myself, in the BPC  and we’ll need to develop programs, skill lesson plans, communication, and future events. We need to work with the County to make sure we have enough courts and that things are inclusive and easily accessed by all. My goal is to assist in any area that moves the mission of the BPC forward. 

Nancy Molinaro

I am a retired RN who worked 30+ years in cardiology and emergency medicine at a Level One Trauma Center in Minneapolis. I have worked with a diverse clientele, have strong organization, communication and leadership skills. I was first introduced to pickleball in 2020 when I took a private lesson at Volli with my husband. I enjoy the social and competitive aspects of the game and meeting all the great people. 

We just returned from a six week trip to Japan and South Korea. I love to travel internationally with my husband. I also enjoy playing the piano, mandolin and ukulele,  taking baking classes and golfing. I relocated to Bellingham from Minneapolis in 2020. I enjoy living in a smaller city with all the cultural offerings available here.

The skill development classes have been wonderful for meeting club members and improving my game.

Steve Gibbs

Steve Gibbs moved to Bellingham four years ago with his wife, Dina, from the San Francisco Bay Area.  A reformed tennis player, he took up pickleball in 2021, joined the BPC and hasn’t looked back.  As a member of the club, he has hosted skill development sessions for the 2.5-3.0 level, and served this past year on the Skills Development Committee.

In a previous life, Steve’s background was in finance – serving as a CFO/Controller for small tech companies.  He hopes to bring those business planning and budgeting skills to the Board as the BPC’s rapid growth will soon exceed 1000 members.  He received an MBA from the University of Washington and a BS from UC Berkeley.

Steve McDowall

I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, completing my undergraduate education at the University of Canterbury there.  I left New Zealand to pursue a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Washington, Seattle, which I completed in 1998.  Since then, I have worked as a visiting professor at the University of Rochester, NY, spent a semester at a research institute in Berkeley, CA, and spent a semester as a visiting researcher in Helsinki, Finland.  I have been a professor of mathematics at Western Washington University since 2002.  

My partner and I have raised our two kids in Bellingham; one is finishing her graduate studies in New Zealand and the other has just graduated from Sehome High School.  After playing volleyball for many years and finding my body wasn’t handling it so well, I picked up pickleball about a year or so ago and have come to really enjoy the game and the community.  Over the past year I have run a number of skills clinics for the Bellingham Pickleball Club.  I’m looking to join the BPC board in order to contribute more to the club’s operation and am particularly interested in building the skills sessions offered to serve the membership as best possible.