About Us

What is the Bellingham Pickleball Club?

The Bellingham Pickleball Club is a not-for-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting the sport of pickleball in the greater Bellingham area.

At the BPC, we:

  • Partner with the Bellingham Parks Department to effectively utilized the six dedicated pickleball courts in Cornwall Park,
  • Host Level Open Play, skill development sessions and special events on evenings & weekends.
  • Partner with other organizations, agencies and community groups to expand and improve local pickleball facilities.
  • Manage donation drives to help cover some of the expense of adding additional facilities
  • When possible, host classes, clinics and open play at school gyms.
  • Utilize 4 portable nets for pickleball play on 2 multi-use courts at Cornwall.
  • Loan nets, paddles and balls to members for try-outs and special occasions
  • Advocate for the sport of pickleball in our community.
  • Continue to improve the BPC website and our Facebook communication.
  • Collaborate with organizations, companies and agencies to promote the development of pickleball.
  • Clean up winter debris and deep clean the courts at Cornwall Park to help keep them in good condition.
  • Coordinate discounts for members Pickleball Central and Players Pickleball.
  • Use surveys to better understand the member’s preferences, needs and desires.

Have a question or comment for the board? We want to hear from you.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsor “Players Pickleball”, who is a delight to partner with.  We are thrilled that they are Bellingham-based, and helping to support pickleball locally.  Please join us in supporting them.  If you use this link, they will continue to share their profits with us, and give you a discount as well.

Thank you to Keith Turley of Imagine Design Studio for building and hosting our website.  You are amazing to partner with!

Meet the Board of BPC

Steve Dillon

I have enjoyed my year on the BPC board as the current Vice-President. It has been a crazy time as we are all aware. This coming year will have many challenges. The foremost of which is being able to stay safe and still get the positive benefits of playing Pickleball. Going into the winter indoor season will also be a big challenge.

I’ve played primarily at Cornwall Park, the YMCA, and the Bellingham School gyms.

Continuing on the board will allow me to take what I have learned about BPC and its key relationships with the City of Bellingham, the YMCA, and many others, to help keep the BPC strong in our community.

I have extensive experience in dealing with local governments, contractors and public works contracts.

I served on the City of Bellingham Community Development Advisory Board for 6 years. I also served on the Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee, and I am currently the President of the Whatcom Falls Neighborhood Association.

Carol Lo
Vice President

Pickleball saved my bacon! And I have the time and energy to give back to our local pickleball community.

When I moved here three years ago with my wife, Mo, and dog Bailey, being retired in a new town was lonelier than expected. Pickleball provided a social outlet as well as great exercise, a sense of community, lots of funny t-shirts, and more than a few friends.

Last year I led months of skill-level sessions for beginners and novices @ Cornwall Park. It’s a pleasure to help people get started on their pickleball journey. I also served on the Picklepalooza committee in Blaine last year which was a smashing success.

I have the skills and experience of being a librarian, teacher (elementary, environmental, and English as a Second Language), restaurant owner, massage therapist, and as a business writer for Whatcom Talk. Additionally, I have strong communication skills, both in person, and with websites and “social media.”

One day I woke up and thought, “someone should write an article about pickleball” (the Cornwall courts were just about to open). I pitched the idea which was embraced, and my writing partner and I wrote this article .

As you can see from my various jobs, I know hard work and I know how to work as a team player. For me, pickleball is like reading (a high compliment, indeed). It opens up new worlds, provides hours of entertainment, and connects you with other people and places.

I’m here year-round (so far) and can assist the Club during winter months, as well as the rest of the year. I’m grateful for all the work that preceded me to get pickleball where it is today in Bellingham and I look forward to moving it forward in the future.

Barbara Goebel
Barbara Goebel

I’ve been playing competitive pickleball for five years, mainly at private courts and at Cornwall. I participate in regional pickleball tournaments, and in national tournaments when my son Matt competes, so my husband, Ed, and I try to make drilling to improve a priority.

My emphasis with the club has been in trying to find places to play so everyone can play as much as they want in summer and in winter, and to encourage those who want to improve to have those opportunities.

I was president for the club’s first two years but am now in transition to let others take on more leadership.

I’m a part-time high school math teacher year-round, Nana to 5 (soon 6) grandsons, and an active volunteer at my church.

Terri Vossbeck

I began playing pickleball in Spring 2018 and immediately fell in love with the game. It’s a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time. I have especially enjoyed meeting the awesome people in the pickleball community. The Cornwall courts & the YMCA are where I usually like to play.

After working for 40 years as a bookkeeper in a local orthodontic office, I am excited to be retiring soon and look forward to having more time to spend on the courts!

It’s been a privilege to work as Treasurer with the amazing BPC board members over the last two years, and I am excited to continue my involvement with the club.

Gaby Gaiz

I am a “Snow Bird” BPC Board Member.

We purchased our home almost 5-years ago and I believe that unless we get involved in some aspect of the community, we will always be a “visitor” vs being part of the community.

I have experience working with groups as I was part of my company’s management team for several years. In addition, I was involved with Youth Sports having been an Assistant Commissioner for our local AYSO Soccer League. I coordinated the schedules for our referees as well as started a youth referee program (we had a shortage of referees and we couldn’t get enough adults to help out).

I represented youth soccer on a City Committee that worked to share sports fields and lights with the local baseball leagues. I also managed a Club Soccer Team for 4-years.

I’ve been playing Pickle Ball for a few years and find that it’s addicting, great for socializing and it’s also good exercise.

Rong Wei
Rong Wei

It was one of my best decisions in my life to start playing Pickleball in January 2020, right before the pandemic, and I have continued to enjoy this sport ever since. The level of exercise, social interaction are perfect for me and my family. 

My family moved to Bellingham August 2019. As newcomers, we appreciate Pickleball since it has been such an important connection hub for our lives, especially during the pandemic. On the courts, we met people and made new friends, obtained information and got to know the city, and even found our home church here after being invited to go to Hillcrest with another player. Now, all of my family are active players, you won’t be surprised to see us at Cornwall after work time and on weekends. 

As new pickleballers, we really appreciate the support and help we received from the Club and community. During the drill classes, open plays, games, etc, we built up our skills and confidence in pickleball, and also developed our relationship with the community. I am very glad to have the opportunity now to make my contributions to the Club and community. With my 15 years work experience in government and university as events organizer and project manager, I hope to help the Club with hosting skill development classes, helping organize events, providing services to our members and public, welcoming more people to join and grow in this great sport, etc. 

I can’t wait to participate in the continuing growth of this sport and our Club.

Josh Sharon

I started playing Pickleball in November 2019 while on a family vacation and have since fell in love with it. With all my concussions, I haven’t been able to play soccer as competitively and Pickleball has been able to meet that competitive need of mine. I like to play anywhere and everywhere I can.

I currently live in Bellingham and I frequent Cornwall, Lynden, and Birch Bay. As a member of the BPC board I want to be a diverse voice and ensure all are heard in the Bellingham Pickleball scene. I hope to be a connecting factor for people in the Pickleball community, and perhaps host a tournament in the post-COVID future!