About Us

What is the Bellingham Pickleball Club?

The Bellingham Pickleball Club is a not-for-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting the sport of pickleball in the greater Bellingham area. We are:

  • Partnering with the Bellingham Parks Department to create 6 dedicated outdoor pickleball courts in Cornwall Park, projected to be completed in spring/summer 2019.
  • Hosting pickleball on evenings & weekends at school gyms.
  • Utilizing four portable nets for pickleball play on two tennis courts at Cornwall.
  • Advocating for the sport of pickleball in our community.
  • Launching & improving the BPC website.
  • Collaborating with Birch Bay Activity Center, The Whatcom Family YMCA, and “Players Pickleball” (a local paddle manufacturer).
  • Cleaning up winter debris from the courts at Cornwall Park to help keep them in good condition.
  • Providing discounts for “Pickleball Central” and “Players Pickleball”.
  • And much, much, more…….

Have a question or comment for the board? We want to hear from you.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsor “Players Pickleball”, who is a delight to partner with.  We are thrilled that they are Bellingham-based, and helping to support pickleball locally.  Please join us in supporting them.  If you use this link, they will continue to share their profits with us, and give you a discount as well.

Thank you to Keith & Lori Turley of Imagine Design Studio for building and hosting our website.  You are amazing to partner with!

Meet the Board of BPC

Barbara Goebel
Barbara Goebel

I’ve been playing serious pickleball for four years, and enjoying drilling to improve.

I am so proud of what the club has accomplished in our first year and the great team we have with so many willing volunteers. We have found additional indoor venues to play in which over half of our club members participated, and we set up great procedures to allow the most people to utilize our great new courts including skill-session times with quality drills.

This next year we hope to help people understand their ratings and how they can improve, to find additional places to play indoors and to make plans for building additional outdoor courts.

I would like to continue the great progress we have made. When someone else is ready to be president, I’m very willing to pass the torch.

Steve Dillon
Steve Dillon

First, let me thank you for your interest in having me on the board. Six months before I planned to retire from my job at the Engineering Department at Whatcom County Public Works, I made a commitment to finding activities that helped me live a more active & healthy lifestyle. Pickleball has been a perfect fit, both socially and physically. I started playing pickleball at the YMCA in April 2019 and it has become a passion of mine.

Being on the board will allow me to become a true ambassador for pickleball in our community and to work to expand the available public facilities to accommodate the growing number of players in Whatcom County.

I served on the City of Bellingham Community Development Advisory Board for 6 years.

I served on the Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee and I am currently the President of the Whatcom Falls Neighborhood Association. I also have extensive experience in dealing with local governments, contractors and public works contracts.

Maggi Kriger
Maggi Kriger
Secretary; Communications Director

I started playing pickleball at the YMCA in 2011 following a reduction in my work hours. I love the combination of playfulness, competitiveness, skill development, & community.

My former work in public health involved forming collaborative coalitions to benefit the community, and I enjoy bringing these skills and experience to BPC. In 2017, Rick Anderson and I got together with a few fellow players to start brainstorming about forming a local pickleball club. The momentum carried forward and by the end of June 2018 the (non-profit) Bellingham Pickleball Club was launched.

I feel blessed to work with such great folks in our community!

Terri Vossbeck
Terri Vossbeck

I started playing Pickleball in Spring 2018 and immediately fell in love with the game; what a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time. I have especially enjoyed meeting the awesome group of people in the PB community.

Since I still work part time as a bookkeeper in a dental office, and I watch my granddaughters one day a week, I look forward to opportunities for weekend and evening play that BPC works to facilitate. I’m excited to continue my involvement with BPC!

Catharine Vader
Catharine Vader

This is an excellent opportunity to be of service to something that is important to me and to help shape the future. I love the creative process and making things happen.

I worked at Western Washington University for 26 years. As a triage nurse and coordinator of two wellness centers, I honed my skills to create, plan, implement and manage programs. I am creative and positive. I view the world with curiosity, as demonstrated in my TED Talk, The Power of Thought. I value interpersonal connections and interact well with people.

I have been playing pickleball for almost 2 years. The physical activity, mental focus and social connection feed my body, mind and soul, which is why I am passionate about pickleball! It keeps me coming back for more!

Gaby Gais
Gaby Gaiz
At Large

I am a “Snow Bird” BPC Board Member.

We purchased our home almost 5-years ago and I believe that unless we get involved in some aspect of the community, we will always be a “visitor” vs being part of the community.

I have experience working with groups as I was part of my company’s management team for several years. In addition, I was involved with Youth Sports having been an Assistant Commissioner for our local AYSO Soccer League. I coordinated the schedules for our referees as well as started a youth referee program (we had a shortage of referees and we couldn’t get enough adults to help out).

I represented youth soccer on a City Committee that worked to share sports fields and lights with the local baseball leagues. I also managed a Club Soccer Team for 4-years.

I’ve been playing Pickle Ball for a few years and find that it’s addicting, great for socializing and it’s also good exercise.

Bob Hei
Bob Hei
At Large

I started playing pickleball in the summer of 2016 in a community Ed. class in rural Wisconsin. At that time, Kim and I lived on 35 acres in a log home with our 5 children and had retired from jobs as inventors at Ecolab Inc., (yes, we even have patents together). We moved to Fairhaven in mid-2018, seeking to live nearer to Kim’s family in a temperate climate and resources for our youngest daughter – with Down syndrome – and ourselves as we age.

I’m one of the quintessential, non-competitive, recreational players who revels as much at being beaten by a good shot (my friends regularly remind me how often) as to making one myself (rarer). Most know my mantra of “We’re winning if we’re playing”, and trying to play as if in an opportunistic chess match vs. a whack-a-mole event.

Kim and I are thrilled to be involved with an active sports community and, especially, to have the opportunity to advance our technical playing skills with: the many on-court mentors, new friends, and exceptionally talented skills coaches – like Byrd/Penn – who uniquely directs us in our quest to advance our play levels; especially in light of our individual and unique physical limitations and abilities.

My focuses on the Board are the continuum of: additional playing venues; technical skills and drill sessions; and eventual incorporation of pickleball into the special-needs community, such as Special Olympics, The Max Higbee Center, and/or the Lion’s Camp Horizon